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Your Guide to Job Safety Training

At Safe*T*Link Group Inc., we are dedicated to promoting safety in the workplace and continually training the workforce in America so that they are prepared to handle any emergency situation. We combine years of experience in order to offer clients both consulting and implementation of safety measures. With certification from OSHA and MSHA, Safe*T*Link Group, Inc. is an expert in locating the areas in need of improvement in your current safety plans and standards, and working with you and your company to make the necessary changes.

Why is Regular Safety Training So Important?

Simply put, if you do not do something for awhile and then you have to perform it in an emergency situation, you will probably start to second guess yourself and won't perform the task correctly-which could end up costing someone his life.

How Can You Find Safety Training in Your Area?

While there are other companies that offer various safety training elements, Safe*T*Link Group Inc. prides itself on its unique presence as a multi-discipline company that offers a plethora of safety needs and various certification training programs all under one roof.

What Are Safety Audits?

Companies may try to preach that safety is number one to them already, but in reality, it isn't at the forefront of their minds as it should be. If safety were really number one, then we wouldn't hear about the many recalls on products that occur routinely because of safety issues.

Why Are On-Site Rescue Teams Important For Confined Space Rescues?

Statistically, it takes an outside response team about nine minutes to arrive at the scene of an emergency. In these types of fast-paced and often dangerous situations, the entrants may not have nine minutes to spare.

Why Employees in Confined Spaces Should Prepare For the Worst

Any job position that requires a built-in plan for executing a rescue certainly speaks volumes about the dangers of working in that profession. And although the danger may not be imminent and you may hopefully never have to actually execute the safety plan, it still needs to be taken seriously.

What is Mine Safety Training?

Currently, there are about half a million miners in the country, and their safety is truly important. When an accident occurs in a mine, it isn't the safety of one or two people that is in jeopardy; rather, hundreds of lives can be at stake.


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